Aside from performing as a duo Savic – Star, Pitch also performs in larger groups and different music set-ups, diversifying their sound, working and collaborating with other artists, mostly musicians with a contemporary approach. Over the past timeframe, Pitch has collaborated with numerous diverse artists through a multitude of conceptual and creative free performances – Richard Scott, Rieko Okuda, Samuel Hall, Ute Wassermann, Emilio Gordoa, Sofia Borges, Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø, Daniel Craig, Tomomi Adachi, Nicolas Collins to name a few. 


Pitch Shifting Group

Futuristic and immersive appearance, as if belonging to a future time, intended or seeming to come from some imagined outer space.

“A fusion of space and time, sounds of electronic and acoustic instruments, music and video art, the experience of a whole previous life and an intuitive presage of the future. All of this is an improvised performance of the Pitch Shifting Group: four personalities who energize the common light of the imagination” – Panda Platforma

Sanja Star – sonic illustration / Grgur Savic – reeds, electronics, objects / Richard Scott – modular synthesizer / Samuel Hall – drums, preparations / Daniel Craig – electronics  / Rieko Okuda – piano

“Our project is rooted in experimentation, collaboration, and interdisciplinary exploration.

We believe that the future lies in our ability to adapt, evolve, and break boundaries while remaining emotionally connected and socially conscious. We do not conform to any specific genre or style, but instead, our collaboration is intuitive, empathetic, and respectful of our individual expressions. Through our work, we aim to show how being open to improvisation can lead to limitless artistic possibilities and a more interconnected, respectful and compassionate world. Our goal is to inspire others to embrace improvisation and collaboration as a powerful tools for artistic expression and personal growth.” – Pitch Shifting

Pitch Shifting feat. Richard Scott

Collaboration with one of the most active synthesists in free music today – Richard Scott, the trio performs with generative systems, interactivity, and visual illustration in order to create rich and immersive soundscapes that respond to the electro-acoustic performance, creating a multidimensional, engaging and unpredictable performance in real-time, which is always unfolding and which never repeats itself. Driven by the powers of music and design, science and technology, physicality and perception, this trio explores new ways of creating, performing and experiencing music. Pitch Shifting creates media that reflects their experiences and perspectives, which is never rooted in a singular musical genre or visual language, but rather promotes empathy, communication and understanding across different cultures, perspectives and aesthetic backgrounds. 

Pitch Shifting feat. Tomomi Adachi

Pitch Shifting feat. Rieko Okuda

Pitch Shifting feat. Daniel Craig

Pitch Shifting feat. Ute Wassermann

Pitch Shifting collaboration series 2021

Pitch Shifting collaboration series 2022

Grgur Savic – saxophone, Rieko Okuda – piano, Richard Scott – mod. synthesizer, Samuel Hall – drums, Sanja Star – sonic ill.