Pitch Shifting @ Containerklang #19 LTK4 CENTRE COURT FESTIVAL der Klangbasierten Künste, 2023 / photo Oliver Bedorf

Pitch Shifting is an experimental audio-visual collaboration established in 2019 between musician Grgur Savic and visual artist Sanja Star. Continuous journey of wave motion and alternating currents through highly abstract visual and sound, performing electro-acoustic sets in close conversation, dissolving boundaries across media and genres: musical, visual, art, animation, video, improvisation, compositions, real-time performance, analogue, digital, acoustic and electronic.

Pitch Shifting at Klangforschung 3 “Get in the van”, Dresden, 2022

Pitch Shifting at LPM Festival, Italy, 2021

Pitch Shifting at 6th Silk Road International Art Festival, Xi’an, Shaanxi, China, 2019